What is an Airport transfer?

The Airport transfer means that you have hired a motor vehicle ride between a location and the airport for your trip. The airport transfer can be either for one way or roundtrip.

Why is Mycheapfare.com so inexpensive?

Mycheapfare.com is a brand that belongs to an international travel network, offer access to private fares, negotiated by international travel network (ITN) and partner consolidators that do not deal directly to the general public. Unlike another uniter who only caters to travel agents, but the Mycheapfare.com directly sells to the passengers. With more than 200 airlines, International travel network (ITN) has negotiated discounted fares.

Can I book an online ticket at Mycheapfare.com

Yes, you can easily book your flight ticket online at Mycheapfare.com. You can read our fare database based on the online search criteria, details of all discounted fares are also published. Booking of tickets can be made by calling on the Mycheapfare.com helpline number. The information provided on the Mycheapfare.com is regarding the fare available for the selected dates, and reflect the actual seat availability. Our agents feel proud to find you with the specific fare that you read in our database for the dates selected by you or suggest alternate dates for the fare. If you are flexible in your planning, then the chance of booking the best fare gets better.

What does an e-ticket mean?

An e-ticket is an electronic ticket that has replaced traditional paper tickets. If you are confirmed and going to pay for your itinerary, then an electronic ticket gets issued. Also, an electronic ticket file is attached to your reservation and can easily be accessed by particular airlines.

By what time I will receive my ticket?

Once Mycheapfare.com will ensure the details of the issued ticket, then an E-mail confirmation will be E-mailed to you. For paper ticket, general shipping is three to fifteen days. When compulsory, please ask your agent to arrange express delivery for you.

Where are agents available, and how to contact them?

The agents of Mycheapfare.com are available throughout the day to assist their clients. So, you can e-mail or call on the helpline number to reach the experts. The Mycheapfare.com agents provide 24*7 services to all valuable clients.

How can I get a refund for my ticket?

If you are seeking for refund of your ticket, then directly speak with the customer service team. Make sure that the refunds are dependent on the terms and conditions and are subject to fees and changes. For any query related with the ticket refund, please contact the professionals for assistance.

What is the procedure for the seat selection?

During the time of ticket booking, Mycheapfare.com will ask for the seat preference, and through our website, you can confirm the seat if it is not booked. By giving an additional cost, you can reserve your preferred seat. To find out how to book your preferred seat, feel free to get in touch with the experts. The experts will guide you throughout the process and assist you with the seat selection procedure.

How much baggage is allowed during the check-in?

Baggage allowed during the check-in depends on the airlines you are travelling with and the class of your travel. The baggage allowance differs depending on the airlines and in case if you wish to travel in Business class, then you will get a higher allowance than if you fly with the Economy class. On the travel guidebook, the actual allowance applicable to the journey will be mentioned.

How can I get a seat for an infant?

For an infant, most airlines will let you purchase a seat, but you will have to pay for the child fare. Or else, some airlines do not allow an infant on a separate seat. Please check and confirm with an agent regarding the seat booking for an infant.

Is it possible to buy a one-way ticket?

Yes, of course, Mycheapfare.com has specially negotiated one-way fares. But, please make sure that you are eligible for that. There are many countries, which restrict entry on one-way tickets to their citizens and require proof of the return ticket. Get confirmed by making a call to the experts.

What is the payment method to pay for the ticket?

When booking with Mycheapfare.com, you can make a payment over various payment methods. So, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, Paypal are accepted for making the payment. Another alternate payment method is to speak with the professional via helpdesk number.